Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are in Chimbote...

Our first Zone that we were with in Chimbote was Chimbote Peru.

It was a grand day with these Elders.

They were all very excited about Lucy's chocolate chip cookies.

 This district looks like they color coordinated for their musical number.

There is nothing sweeter for the President than the opportunity to 
kneel with each missionary
and pray together before their interview.

He truly loves them like his own sons and daughters...
In these interviews they are able to bring up and discuss
anything on their minds

These are precious times for the President.
Hearing the Elders testimony and love for the Book of Mormon 
is a special and unique experience from each Elder.
Sacred feelings and memories and witnesses
are etched into their hearts forever
And this is exactly what we want them to remember.
We are all reading the Book of Mormon
as a mission together and finishing for Christmas.

The Zone Leaders for Chimbote Peru are:
Elder DelaFuente and Elder Escobar

The rest of the Zone:
Elder Wood,  Hermano Saramiento a local, Elder Rocha
Elder Romney, Elder Zarian, Elder Flansberg

Elder Cardenas, Elder Chicche, Elder CaƱarte
Elder Batz, Elder DelaFuente, Elder Escobar

Elder Huaman, Elder Jaramillo, Elder Ramos
Elder Perez, Elder Arteaga, Elder Hyde

We miss you already Chimbote Peru Zone
but we will see you in two short weeks with the Mission Tour.