Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Russell's Family

Elder Russell's family made the big trek down to Perú
to pick him up.  His mother, Grandfather and Aunt all came.
They spent the whole day with us
for Lunch, Testimonies, missionary memory game, goodbye video, and 
President Turk's talk, last Farewell and final Prayer.

They were a wonderful addition to the goodbye party.
They are heading to the Huacas tomorrow morning and 
then off to play at Machu Picchu.
They will love it.

They are from Boise, Idaho.  I didn't realize they were such 
big fans of Boise State
 until I noticed they were dressed in Blue and Orange and 
then they pulled out treats that were divine but they said Boise State
on the chocolates. They brought us Boise State T'shirts.
  They brought socks for the Elders... 
I didn't even check to see 
if they had the Bronco emblems on the socks and then they brought us a 
Boise State Christmas Ornament for our tree.

I will put in on the tree because it will be a little reminder of our sweet
Elder Russell.  Thank you for all the gifts, thank you for coming
but mostly thank you for your Son.
We Love Him!

Go Boise State with that weird Blue Field!