Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tortuga on the way to Casma...

 President Turk finally took the time to swing by Tortuga.
We have driven by this little place a hundred times
but we have never had time to turn off the main road and stop.
This time he stopped and he said that there wasn't a lot to see.
It's a small fishing village.
It's too small for missionaries to live there.  There might be 
some members that are from here. I am not sure.
President didn't even see any turtles or Tortugas.



There are members from Tortuga.  Great leaders in fact.
They attend one of the Casma branches.
The missionaries from Casma area are those that teach in Tortuga.
It is called Tortuga, not from the turtles swimming in the bay
but from the shape of the mountains around the bay.
Silly Me... thanks for the correction Elder Casanova!

 In Casma there was a lot of great things happening.
Young families are growing in the gospel and preparing to be sealed.
 Our missionaries are doing fantastic...  There is a lot of progress.
This was at one of the baptisms yesterday.
 President Turk was able to see and interview many
that were getting ready to receive the Priesthood
and Temple recommends.
In these outlying areas there are members that have original huacos
on their property.  They are fun to look at.

These that  Elder Prebe and Elder Massey have are from Casa Grande area.
We really don't know if they are original but they sure are neat.