Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, November 26, 2012

Departures - Arrivals - Mistakes are Made!

You won't believe this horrifying news...
Elder Merkley was supposed to be traveling home to his family
right now... But his passport was mixed up in the Church offices
in Lima and they sent his passport to the Chiclayo mission
and two of the Chiclayo missionaries passports came here.

But look at his sweet face... he is holding the sign with a big smile
for the new ones that were just arriving.
He is going to go on the bus with the new ones
and help get them oriented and fed and working tonight.

Elder Merkley's passport is on a flight coming first thing in the morning.
We had nothing to do with this Brother and Sister Merkley.
We are sooooooo Sorry.

Now... look at the new wonderful faces that just arrived.
9 new ones to be exact.

Tomorrow we will have all their photos, names, trainers, areas and 
something special about each one.

Merkleys... we will be in touch!