Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2nd Day in Chimbote ...

We had some more fun with the Chimbote Sur group today.
I love to see my Hermanas.
And of course every one of these great Elders.

I get so excited to see them and be with them when they 
aren't close to me.
The Zone Leaders are Elder Contreras and Elder Felt.

We had all the American staples today
as we talked about what we would be eating at home 
for thanksgiving...  The staples included
Pizza, Birthday cake, Soda pop and candy for our prizes.
It doesn't get more American than that.

Please know that we did talk about our favorite
pies, side dishes and thanksgiving traditions.

 But what we are most thankful for today is the Book of Mormon...
Here again are some of the phrases describing their love for this treasure!

"My mother taught me to love the Book of Mormon -  
I feel like one of the Stripling Warriors"

"I feel God's love for me when I read the Book of Mormon... 
I can see and feel who I really am"

"It has taught me how to repent and forgive... two of the greatest things we can learn on earth"

"It Refreshes my life"

"The Book of Mormon responds to my prayers.... it changes with my needs. 
It brings me closer to my Savior"

"It Reclaimed me!"

"I knew the Book of Mormon was true from great Primary leaders who loved the Book"

"The Book of Mormon is the greatest resource in my life" 

"My father read the Book of Mormon every Family Home Evening.  
I learned to love it because he loved it first"

"The Book of Mormon pushes me forward;  it pushes me to be better"

"I had a special experience at age 11 reading the book 
and I have never turned to the right or to the left"

One of our missionaries told this story....

I was attending a college class and one of my professors
came up to me and said,
"you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints right?
I have some questions I would like to ask you"

The professor began to ask some questions and our missionary,
who had been less active for a long time 
didn't know any of the answers.

This bothered our missionary until she decided to go 
back to church and find out the answers to these questions herself.
She started to attend Institute and they were studying
the Book of Mormon.

She has now proclaimed a profound love for this precious Book
and has not only said it was true
but she it teaching others all about it here in Peru.
It has changed her life forever and ever.

Love you all!

Chimbote Sur: ZL's - Contreras and Felt
Hermanas: Shearman, Eddings, Cornelio, Jimenez, Sheridan, Pillco, Segastegui, and Apaza
Elders:  Minaya, Almonacid, Bustinsa, Dennis, Espinal, Espinoza, Ferreira, Hales,
Rotolo and Wallace