Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Otavalo Tribe...

Here we all are at the Mission Presidents Seminar
These are sweet and dear people to us.
We will love them forever.
They are the people that know exactly what we are going through
and we share stories with them that we can laugh and cry to forever.

One of the evenings in Quito...
 we were entertained by some of the young adult men and women
from the Otavalo tribe in northern Ecuador.
They are beautiful and talented people.

They are known for their unique dress.
OtavaleƱo men are immediately distinctive with their long ponytails, calf-length white pants, rope sandals, reversible gray or blue ponchos and dark felt hats. The women, too are very striking in their beautifully embroidered blouses, long black skirts and shawls. The women also wear bright jewels, the most obvious being the many strings of golden blown-glass beads around their necks and the long strands of red beads around their wrists and arms.

These young men that were performing all have mission calls.
They went through and introduced themselves and 
where they would be serving.
Many were serving in one of the five countries that are in our area so they 
got to meet their new mission President and wife.
One of the young girls above is going to serve with our friends in 
 the Lima West Mission.  The women from this tribe wear their
traditional dress on the mission.
They are absolutely beautiful.

The young men are known for their long braids... 
when they serve missions they are 
able to keep this tradition 
and they serve in a shirt and tie and their long braid.
We had one of the Otavalo young men called to our mission but he
chose to cut his hair before he came.

We had a fun evening of great music and dance,
Food and Friends and Tradition.

What more can you ask for?
Area Presidency - Elder and Sister Waddell, Elder and Sister Pino and Elder and Sister Uceda