Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, November 19, 2012

Constant Motion....

Another crazy awesome busy day.
I often wonder... How I keep up this pace
And then I realize, I don't have a choice
and I don't have the time to think about it either.

Today started at Doctora Dora's office again.
President needed a follow up 
on his face.
He got a few more spots burned off...
He looks real blistery right now.
It will be gone by the time we are home from Chimbote.

We had meetings for our Christmas show... and the Christmas Devotional
and Celebration of reaching our year end Goal.
 Then more meetings with the Assistants, with the training Assistants
and then I moved on to 
a song practice for our mission tour that is in two weeks
with Elder Hooker of the Seventy.

 Elder Levos is accompanying these Hermanas that are singing
"O, that I were an Angel"

They are sounding beautiful...

During the song practice we threw in a surprise party for 
Elder Brian...  I called and asked him to stop by the office 
for something else important...
(It's their Preparation Day don't worry)

And surprise... his sisters had emailed me a special 
song they made for him...
We put in on the wall when he walked in.

He loved it.

After a little cake, some more harmonizing with the Hermanas...
I had to pick up prizes and desserts for another get together 
in the mission home.
It was time for a special Family Home Evening with 
this family and the Zone Leaders from the East Zone.
This beautiful couple is getting married on Saturday.
They have three children that weren't with them tonight.
And they are all being baptized Saturday after their wedding.

There were a couple of members with them from their area too.
It was such a sweet time.

Now... it is midnight and I am packing to head to Chimbote in the morning
at 7 am.  We are going to be in Chimbote for a few days
doing interviews with the three Zones there.

We will be having Thanksgiving in Chimbote
which will not be Turkey but 
something just as yummy.
I will let you know what it is when I 
find out myself!

Happy Day...  All is Well!

I've got to go... I am sooooo late.