Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hope of all Hope - Esperanza Zone

It's Elder Lobaton's lucky day.
It's his birthday and his Zone was in to see the President

So Elder Lobaton took the chair.
He was the President for the day...  Well, President for a minute.
That's all he wanted. 

These are long days with this many interviews but sweet rewards.
President was telling me some amazing stories again.

He said that one of his Elders was in the Armed Services for his country.
He was in a cafeteria and found a Book of Mormon.
He asked around to see who it belonged to.
No one claimed the book.
So he took it and started to read it.
It became food for his starving soul.
He loved it and didn't want to put it down.
He knew that this Book was from God.
When he was given some time to go home for a few days
he found out that his family had been taking the lessons from the missionaries
and were already baptized.  It took him just a few days to 
set his date for baptism and become a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Another one of the Elders said that when he was young
he was over at a friends house
and the Book of Mormon was sitting on the table.
He picked it up and was looking at the pictures.
One picture in particular jumped out at him.
It was the picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the Wall.
Many years later, missionaries came to his home
and started to teach his family.
They pulled out the Book of Mormon
and when he saw the picture of Samuel the Lamanite
his heart jumped again.  
He remembered that picture from many years ago.
He knew that there was something
very special about this book.
He listened closely... started to read the Book
and soon he and his whole family joined the Church.

These are not coincidences.  This is the Lord preparing 
those that are ready to hear his Gospel and find the Truth on the earth.
It is the gathering of Israel.
It takes people on both sides of the veil to do this work.
I testify that we are working with heaven closely
to get this work accomplished.

These stories are usually told with tears of gratitude 
streaming down their faces.
There is nothing as precious as 
the Doctrine of Christ.
To follow Him is to have never-ending Fulfillment and pure Love!

Esperanza Includes:
Zone Leaders:  Araneda and Mendoza
Elders:  Aguilar, Arana, Calisaya, Cruz, Farfan, Garcia, Lobaton,
Mamani, Martinez, Morales, Pesantes, Quiroz, Reyes,
Sandiford, Sumi, Tello, Zapana and Zapata