Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mountain Men

Interview time for Huamachuco and Otuzco...
These are my fine Mountain Men.

If you are in the mountains you have to be obedient,
hard working, diligent and a Rock Star.
(don't ask... I don't know)

Here are a few of the one liners we have heard from our missionaries
as we talk about their love for the Book of Mormon and
the impact it has had on them...

"The Book of Mormon Corrects me when I read it."

"I trust my feelings as they come to me when I am reading the 
Book of Mormon"

"The Book of Mormon is the reason I am here"

"I love to Search, Ponder and Pray... and I find true answers in this Book"

One of our Elders was only twelve when he started to believe and learn
 about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.
The Missionaries wanted to teach his whole family
but they were not ready to receive it.
So his parents told our Elder that he was too young and
couldn't be baptized at that time.

Three years later, some new Elders were searching their area books
and came back to his family.
He begged his parents at this time to please
let him go back to church.
They said he could only go if they went with him.
They started to attend church all together.
At this time his parents had investigated 6 or 7 religions.
With each church, they would leave the meeting bored and never return.  
But after attending the LDS church, 
they felt something different.  
They started to take the lessons with the missionaries.
They kept attending church and in 3 weeks
the whole family was baptized.

A few years later, his parents started to drift apart.
There was financial stress and they were about to separate.
They started to read the Book of Mormon as a family.  
Love came back into the marriage.
Stress left the home.  They were willing to square up their shoulders
and deal with obligations.  There was forgiveness and charity
in the home.  Life was meaningful and hearts were happy again.

There is Power and Love in the Book of Mormon.

Story after story reveals miracles that come from reading
and following the principles in the Book of Mormon.


PS>  Elder May says hello to his Mother!