Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, November 16, 2012

Truth Be Told...

Today President Turk had some meetings and 
interviews with the office Elders in the office
and I didn't need to be there.

SO I stayed home all morning working
on my next "goodbye" video.

And I stayed in my Pajamas.
All of the sudden it was lunch time.

And then the President said...
I am going to take Lucy and Alicia home
and I need you to go with me.

Oh boy....
I put on my big dark glasses...
Stayed in my pajama pants and a t-shirt
and pulled my stringy hair up out of my eyes.
And we were on our way.
I told him ... 
please don't get in an accident today of all days.  
He drove carefully
but I forgot about the other problem...
Seeing people we know...
Like My Missionaries.

We were driving down a little dirt road and there they were,
our dear Elders that saw us so we had to pull 
over and say hey!

I died... but I played it cool.
I'm sure they thought I was deathly sick.
People... It was not a pretty sight.
I am so sorry Elder Mendoza and Elder Aguilar.

It will always happen on the one day you are not ready.
It is one of the laws of the universe...
I should know better.

Oh well, qué será, será!