Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Grateful...

It was such a sweet day to finish our latest round of interviews.
We were with the Casma Zone on Thanksgiving.

We loved sharing our Thanksgiving meal with these great
 men of God.  These young men are outstanding.
And our meal, although it was not turkey, was outstanding too.
We all ate lomo fino ( steak)  fries, potato salad, green salad
bread and caramel crepes

This is the last group of interviews that President Turk
is asking his missionaries
about their experiences and love for the Book of Mormon 
and the impact it has had on their lives.

The real amazing stories will be shared in our Christmas Devotional
by the missionaries themselves.
I will save those stories until then.

But a good story that was told today was about
 one of our missionaries converts.
The husband of one of the members in the Elders ward
had listened to many sets of missionaries teach him the lessons.
His wife has been a member for 40 years
and he has attended church with her off and on

 He had taken the lessons so many times in fact, 
that he told our missionaries that there wasn't anything
that they could teach him that he didn't already know about the Church.

The first thing out of our missionary's mouth was 
"Have you read the Book of Mormon?"

 This man turned his head and looked right at them and said...
"No, no I haven't read it."

The missionaries said that they would come and read with him 
and help him get through it.  But the man declined.
Then this man disappeared for about 3 or 4 weeks.
They didn't see him.

One day they stopped by to check on the wife...
and she told them that her husband was home
and had something to tell them.

He looked at our missionaries and said
"I am going to be baptized."
They held their breath until he said that he wanted to be 
baptized into our church, they weren't sure.

He said that the Book of Mormon made all the difference
and that it had touched his heart with the truth and light.

Brothers and Sisters....  the spirit seems to be very abundant
when we open the Book of Mormon and read from its pages.
It prompts us to move forward, be better and to repent and forgive.
There are great promises made to each of us 
if we will read from the Book of Mormon.

Casma Zone includes...
Zone Leaders Elder Casanova and Elder Gamboa.
Elders: Pugmire, Callapa, Hill, Pacheco (local), Quispe, Sato,
Jensen, Shemp, Sandoval and Mollo.

We loved having the Assistants with us of course... 
and a special treat... Elder Cook and Elder Fackrell 
were in Chimbote today working
on Clinic checks and Insurance things.... 
So they joined us too.