Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 17, 2011

Letters to the President

The missionaries write a letter once a week to their President.

President Turk reads about 200 letters every Monday.

He tries to answer as many as he can too.

Here are a couple of highlights from today's letters…

  • When President Turk first arrived in the country, he was out with the missionaries teaching a family. They were baptized a couple months later. Today in his letters, the missionaries in that area told him that the 22 year old son of that family was just baptized by the father who has only been a member for a few months. We love this story..
  • The Hermanas in California were off the charts in contacts and they had 10 investigators in church with them this week. Congratulations!
  • One of our Elders from Lima told us that his mother back home was baptized. Now he is not the only member in his family. How sweet is that.
  • One couple who has been going to church for 9 months is finally getting married this week so that they can be baptized on Saturday.
  • The Hermanas in Chimbote told us that they were on their way home from a long trip on the bus and they climbed into a taxi on the way home from the bus. It was very late. All they wanted to do was crawl in bed. But the spirit whispered and they took the time to talk to the taxi driver and he said that he had been praying for them. He had been to church and taken the lessons and then let it go. But now decided to pray and pursue the church again and then he picked up the sisters and they took the time to get him back to church. He is getting baptized soon.

There are so many more… But I have to go to bed!

Always More to Come!

PS... thanks to the Zone Leaders of Cajamarca. President loved the soccer shirt He felt a part of the team.