Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Presenting... Our Zone Leaders!

Today we were with these gentlemen.
We made some new goals for the new year.
We made a banner out of President Turk's shirt.
Not the one he was wearing...
We put our goal on it...
Then we all signed it.
And now we are going to work!

Here are the new Zone Leaders this change...
Elder Wilkinson, Elder Marquez, Elder DelaFuente, and Elder Vera

Elders Yat and Retamal                                 Elder Andersen and Elder Vera
Elders Brito and Farnsworth                                   Elders Terry and Mendoza

Elders Briones and DelaFuente                           Elders Uribe and Arthur
Elders Arena and Wilkinson                                   Elders Pickett and Facer

Elders Hannemann and Whitehead                           Elders Lopez and Marquez
Elders Barinas and Contreras                                       Elders Vera and Gomez

Elders Hargis and Wright                                 Elders Berroteran and Munson
                                                                                 Elders Davila and Escobar  

Let's Getter Done Zone Leaders.
We Love You!