Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bishops are a Blessing

Elder Lorenzo and Elder Espinoza
were with President Turk this afternoon.
They taught some great lessons and then stopped
by some of the homes of a few less active members.

They visited one lady who had lost her husband
a couple of years ago and had been in such a terrible depression.  
President Turk talked to her and he said...
"This is not a coincidence that I am here with you today.
I would love to give you a priesthood blessing
of strength and comfort."
She was so happy.
She said "You were an answer to my prayers"
The spirit was strong.... there was peace and power left 
with her today.  She felt a renewal.

They also visited the Bishop and his family.
Our Missionaries have close relationships with the Bishops in their areas.
 Our missionaries help with Home Teaching in the ward.  
They also help clean the chapels.
They will do whatever the Bishop wants them to do
to help the ward function better.

This is how ward families are built and this is how we strengthen each other.
There are no paid clergymen in our Church.
They are called through priesthood leaders
and they serve without compensation.

If you haven't been to visit our church...
Go see for yourself how
it functions and what the members are asked to do.

It is absolutely Beautiful!