Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Our conference today was for the Leaders in the mission.
It was from 9 to 6... what a day.

We also... in the middle of all this training...
had one of our Hermanas in the hospital getting
her gallbladder removed.
I was back and forth to the clinic.
Everything went great.
She will be released in the morning.

All through the chapels here in PerĂº they have the pianos that you can program
to play the hymns for you if you don't have a pianist.
Many of the wards do not have anyone that plays.
So I was teaching the missionaries how to program the pianos
and how to play them too.
You just have to push any key to the rhythm you want
and it plays the song.
For our rest hymns I would just call out a name of any missionary
to be our pianist for the next song.
Many of them were just sweating.
It was so cute to watch them.
I want all the missionaries to be able to play them.
They all did a great job.
We Love your sons and daughters.
We love the Lord.
We want to be better missionaries.
So we will continue to teach and train and review
and practice and study and listen and pray
and follow and learn and grow.

Many people ask how much money these missionaries make.
It shocks them when they learn that the missionary
pays to be in the mission.
It is so beautiful to know that these young men and women
are serving the Lord
to help others Come unto Christ!

That's all.
No compensation.

Just trying to be like Jesus... Really!