Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If your Son is in Esperanza Zone... Check this Out!

Here are the Names of the Elders in the Esperanza Zone:
Aburto, Aquino, Araneda, Arteaga, Barinas, Bustinsa, Contreras, De Paz,
Elmer, Espinal, Martinez, Mendieta, Mendoza, Ordoñez, Rocha,
Sancé, Wallace, and Zapana
 This is a Fantastic Zone...
 They work hard and want to do what is right.
 There are some stars here too.
 Go Esperanza.... FLY!

Below getting ready to take off on the roller coaster are our Zone Leaders
Elder Contreras and Elder Barinas.

Can you guess who was taking some of the photos?
I love the self photo shots
Thank You Elder Contreras!