Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Virú Zone in on Friday

Viru  Zone has to travel in about an hour to get to the office.
Viru is a farming community just outside of Trujillo
These missionaries each have areas that are pretty rural.

We always have to get a picture with their hands up ready to play
Speed Search
"Preach My Gospel"

Here we have 
Elder Fernandez and Elder Calisaya
Elder Northcott and Elder Ramos
 Elder Mano and Elder Róman
 Elder Johnson and Elder Calderon
 Elder Bulmini and Elder Espinoza
 The Zone Leaders Elder Uribe and Elder Arthur
 Elder Gamboa and Elder Felt
 President Turk has sweet interviews with each one of them.
They are important to keep the missionaries on Task,
Happy, Clean, Learning, Growing and hopefully they feel His Love!

 Viru Zone... Keep it Going.  You are doing great.
We Love You all.
Elder Glasgow.... President would like to see you in his office immediately.  haha