Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ripped Right Off the Car!

President went to visit Virú yesterday and do some
Priesthood Training.
He saw these missionaries...
Elder Northcott, Elder Ramos, Elder Róman, and Elder Mano
Had a great time with these men...
On the way home he dropped President Huamanchumo downtown...

While President Turk was at a stoplight...
all of a sudden he saw someone running towards his car.
He quickly reached for the lock button and locked the doors.

A young man put both arms around the mirror and the encasing,
 twisted it, took it off and started running
all in a matter of seconds.
Drivers side above

and now passenger side...

Bummer... but a great reminder to be Alert out there!
We are all very cautious and we know 
which areas not to be in after dark.

But not to fear... we know someone, who knows someone, that thinks
they know who did it and we will try to buy it back.

Be Careful Out There!