Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post: Griffin Turk Watts

Guest Post - by Griffy

I've had a blast here in Peru with Mama and Papa T.  
Mama knew how much I loved the silly guys (Huacos) 
that she has on her desk so she setup an appointment 
for me to go make my favorite, the Monkey.

We had to pat the clay and make it thin like a pancake
and then put it into the mold really carefully 
so that the monkey would be perfect.

Unfortunately, the Huacos take
up to 5 days to finish them so I decided to leave it for Mama T 
to pick up and then she can show me on Skype next week.

After I made the monkey, Papa T took us to Huaca de la Luna 
which is a huge temple on top of the mountain.  I climbed it all by myself.

I was sooo hungry after the climb to the top of the mountain 
that I needed to get something to eat fast.  
Luckily Mama T arranged for us to meet the missionaries 
at the mall for some pizza.  
But she had another huge surprise in store for me, a TRAMPOLINE! 
My dad tried to help me jump but I told him to get off 
because I am big and could do it all by myself.

See?  Look how high I can jump.

Walker and I love you Mama and Papa T.... 
we can't wait for another Peruvian Christmas! 

Love, Griff