Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last the Best of All the Game or is it Gang?

Yes, I thought it was game...

Central is the last Zone in for 
interviews and training for this cycle.

This is the last photo with any hands up...
Remember we have 210 missionaries
and we are going to have 225 in a few more days. 
We have to play the games with all of them 
and so you will see all of them hold their arms up.

Here are the harmonious duo 
that are known as the Zone Leaders for Central...
Elders Wright and Hargis.
They are great leaders and they sing well... BONUS!

Fantastic Group... 

Pollo and Papas Fritas at Norkey
and of course Inca Cola.

Why two group shots...  because Elder Brian and Elder Glasgow
were on their phones for the first one.

Feliz Navidad Zona Central...
We will see you soon for the Christmas Devotional and Program!