Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend in Huamachuco...

President Turk and his traveling partners... 
President Mendez his first counselor,
and his secretary, Alexis.. headed to Huamachuco this weekend
for a Branch Conference.  Huamachuco is our smallest
unit in the mission.  The branch has about 50 attending.
 After they had been traveling a few hours, they hit a road block 
and were going to have to sit there for two or three hours.. 
 so they pulled off the road and turned around 
and visited Otuzco for a little while.
These small mountain cities are so fun to visit.
You never know what you are going to see.
They stopped in to see a few of the members.
They also saw the missionaries in Otuzco but President
forgot to take pictures of them.
But never fear, they are in with us on Tuesday for interviews.
I will take a ton a photos of them.
Then it was on the road again to this beautiful plaza in Huamachuco.
The sculptured bushes are absolutely amazing.
 Warriors, pigs, rabbits, squirrels, birds, you name they have it.

And look, they even have missionaries...

The Elders in Haumachuco are Elder Soto, Elder Bravo, 
Elder Dickerson and Elder Arriola.
Saturday night, after the fireside they were able to have a little pizza.
They had a fantastic conference on Sunday.
Here are some of the young women...
 The Branch President is President Salinas.  He is a great man.
 Elder Dickerson is the First Counselor in the Branch and Elder Arrioloa
is the Second Counselor.
 They have things running smoothly in the Branch and are continuing
to build it up so that it can become a ward someday.
President Turk took a picture of this herd of wild Alpacas.
They are funny little animals.

See you on Tuesday Huamachuco and Otuzco!