Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 18, 2013

Best Birthday.... EVER!

I share a birthday with four of my missionaries right now in the mission.
Elder Patiño, Elder Iler, Elder Zapata and Hermana Cornelio
We are Quints from other Mothers....
I love sharing this day with them forever... Happiest Birthday!

Elder Iler

Elder Patiño

Elder Zapata

  Hermana Cornelio

Congratulations to Elder Iler who had four baptisms 
today on his birthday...
He said it was the greatest day ever!
I agree with him.  There is nothing that brings more joy
than inviting others to Come unto Christ.

I love alliteration... so here's my birthday in a nutshell..

Magnificent Mighty Missionaries.... (that I love)

Sweet Sensitive Sisters 

 Culinary Creations

Huge Hamburgers

Beautiful Bouquets

 Criminally good Carrot Cake 

Friends and photos and phones and Fantastic Conversations...

Really... today was just as good as it gets!

Thanks for all the messages and calls and love...
gifts and cards and packages...
I can never repay you all.
Just Perfection!