Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 2, 2013


These photos are from Huaraz.... 
Thank you Assistants for taking these pictures.
The Zone Leaders in Huaraz are Elder Brian and Elder Quispe
 Here they are repeating the same activities 
from all of our Interviews this round.
 Elders Quispe and Prestwich are working their muscles.
 Hermanas Lujan, Martos and Doxey and Elder Salazar and Lorenzo
are working the puzzles.

The Assistants with the one man band lunch entertainment
 The Huaraz Zone was lucky to enjoy Lucy´s yummy 
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
 Our performers are 
Elder Perez on the piano
Elders Albujar, DelaFuente, Hill, Román, Acuña
 Come on Elder DelaFuente.... You can do it!
 Winner, Winner,  Pringle Dinner.
 The match game is always a big hit....
 They are not very lucky today...
The Huaraz Zone includes...
Zone Leaders .. Elder Brian and Elder Quispe
Hermanas Doxey and Lujan, Mini Missionary Hermana Martos
Elders Acuña, Albujar, DelaFuente, Garcia, Hill, Lorenzo,
Perez, Prestwich, Román and Salazar

Take Care Huaraz... Much Love