Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Casa Grande ... Big House Interviews

Very strange day....  It has been raining all day
This does not happen in Trujillo.
I start to feel very anxious for those that 
don't have adequate roofs here.
The electricity keeps popping in and out.
A few more giant cockroaches have entered my room
But good news, President Turk was home
and took care of them...
Maybe it's the rain.

We were with the Casa Grande Elders today for interviews.

 They are all fantastic...
 Sad story happened with Elder Ramos and his companion Elder Paredes.
Elder Paredes is a mini missionary.
They baptized a woman on Saturday.
She was on a bus later that day that rolled.
A few were killed on the bus.
She is in critical condition.
Her new ward has been rallying around her
and will help in any way that they can.
We are praying for a complete recovery.
 The Zone Leaders were really creative today.
Looks like hopscotch....
Zone Leaders are Elder Massey and Elder Davila.
Casa Grande Zone Includes:
Elder Dennis, Elder Aquino, Elder Ramos, Elder Huaman, Elder Astill,
Elder Contreras, Elder Hansen, Elder Perez,
Elder Casanova, Elder Paredes, Elder Bulmini, Elder Montesino
Zone Leaders: Elder Davila and Elder Massey

The Lord heareth the prayers of the righteous....
Keep praying Casa Grande... We love you all!