Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Adoption an Option?

Look at this face...
This little girl was in the office today.
Parker and Molly, what would you think about having a 
little sister join the family?

She came in with her mother and her baby sister.
While her mother was getting the paperwork ready for 
her husbands baptism... this little girl came to my desk
and we had the greatest little conversation ever.
She was so adorable... I decided to adopt her.

Her mother didn't go for it.  Darn!
I love to hang out with this age...  especially with her personality.
The beautiful thing about her is that her parents were married
last week and her father is getting baptized this week.
Her mother is already a member.

She is going to have an eternal family....
This makes us all smile!