Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thirty-Five... Whoa!

Hey, look where we went this evening.
Here's some of our best friends... the gate keepers at the airport.

Trujillo airport is very small... so we are familiar with many that work there.
 As we pulled up.... there were some very familiar and dear faces...
waiting out front. 
The office Elders came with the buses.

Ready?   Get into position Elders!

 And then on cue the missionaries started to come... 
and they didn't stop until we had 35 of them off the plane.

 Can you say... Ginormous Group?
They all made it and we are thrilled.  We will put up their photos
and trainers and new areas tomorrow.
But now they are going to settle, eat and then go to work for the night.
It was just like a sea of love and happiness swept in....
Bienvenidos Mis Hijos!