Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This last week President Turk received a phone call
from Elder Colonio's Aunt telling us 
that Elder Colonio's Uncle had passed away.

She wanted us to please tell
him because this sweet Uncle had been 
a Father figure to him.

So of course President Turk met with him 
and told him about his Uncle.

Elder Colonio told the President that he had
just had a dream two days ago.
His Uncle came to him all dressed in white
and asked him to please look after his Aunt and to 
not give up on her with the Gospel.
She has not been baptized.

Elder Colonio received this dream right after his Uncle
had passed away.  It was so vivid and real to him
that he had called and told his Zone Leaders all about it.
This was all right before President Turk told him of his Uncle's passing.

President Turk asked Elder Colonio to call his aunt and tell her
all about this .... She loved hearing this story.  
She is now moving to Lima and when she is settled
she wants the missionaries to come to her home 
and teach her the gospel.

Heaven and Earth..  So Close!
We feel and hear from Heaven every day.