Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beautiful Baptisms....

We love to attend baptisms each week when we can.
Hermana Bond and Hermana Petherbridge have been 
teaching this sweet family the Gospel.   
Their 10 year old daughter was baptized first...
We hope the rest are soon to follow.

 Many of the Relief Society sisters in the ward came
to support the women
that were being baptized.  They sang the special number.

 Elders Fackrell and Smith baptized this sweet woman.
She said in her testimony that the gospel has changed her life.
She feels elevated and now clean from her sins.
She is making this a life change... not just an event. 
Some people say that it is so difficult to live the Gospel...
but I testify that living the Gospel makes life simple
and uncomplicated and meaningful.
What would you give to have peace in your soul
and guidance in your life?
Anything... right?

Elders Herrera and Alquizar
baptized this sweet mother and daughter.
And guess what... she has been serving as their pensionista.
She has been feeding them well
and they have been feeding her the gospel.
Congratulations to all of the newly baptized members
and those that baptized.