Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beach Front Preaching....

President was in Huanchaco, our beach town today.
I am pretty sure that he wasn't surfing...
but he was having a great time teaching 
with Elder Nye and Elder King.
The Huanchaco Ward is starting to grow
and they are bursting at the seams in their little building.
They might have to start meeting on the beach.
Huanchaco is the safest place in PerĂș
but our Elders have recently had some of their
belongings taken out of their room.
So they are moving.
Their new place isn't quite finished.
They are going to be building stairs.
Today they had to use the ladder to show the President
their new room.

When I got here and started to check out all of the rooms...
I was climbing ladders, jumping from rooftop to rooftop,
ducking under tiny doors... stepping over all kinds of animals,
dodging attack dogs, you name it, I did it
I am not exxagerating.

We have changed and moved and improved 
and we are doing much better and
we will continue to improve in every area.

President and the Elders
 taught some great lessons this afternoon, 
gave some priesthood blessings,
they had the Relief Society president with them 
who just happens to be their pensionista...
all in all a productive, positive day.

President used his camera phone today and 
it was a cloudy day
so you can't really see the ocean behind them
but it's there.

Thanks Elder Nye and Elder King

The President loves you both....
and so do I!