Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, February 25, 2013

Finishing With Honor

Ahhhh... I love these missionaries so much.
I love how they have grown and developed.
I will pray for each one of them.
They are awesome!
 Elders: Yat, Saldivia, Oroxom, Merida, Quiroz, Batz, Roman, Vera and Aquino

The most important decision that they will make
is choosing the person they are going to marry.

 Hermanas: Jackson, Cevallos, Jimenez, Galleguillos, Mori, Cornelio, Petherbridge and Shearman

I hope that they will each become the person that they 
want to marry and all will be well.

 Elders: Saldivia, Yat, Aquino, Olivares, and Vera

We took the group shot in a different area because of the sun
and look who is looking down upon them...
two angels that always seem to find the camera.
The Assistants have taken great care of these missionaries.

This group is made up of 6 Peruvians, 4 Guatemalans, 3 Chilenos,
3 North Americans, 1 Bolivian and 1 Ecuadorean and 2 Assistants.

We had two families that came too..
Hermana Shearman's parents and sister came from Arizona.

And Hermana Cornelio's parents and brother
came from Lima...
Sweet memories with their missionary daughters.

We will love you all forever and ever....

Here is the goodbye video!