Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nothing Better than a Clean Missionary...

President Turk was out with 
Elder Pugmire and Elder Cruz this afternoon.
There is nothing better than hard working,
clean, happy, diligent, honest missionaries.
And these Elders are all of this and more...

In fact.. if you are going on a mission
do yourself a favor...
Take care of every transgression at home.
Do not think that you can work with sin
and take care of it later.
It doesn't work like that.
This is the Lord's work.  He will not be mocked.
Do not enter the House of the Lord
unless you are clean and prepared...
This is very Serious!

We have had a few Elders that thought that they could work
through some of their transgressions on their own and repent later....
But you cannot teach truth and live a lie.
They are usually sent home with regret
and heart broken because they love this work.

Be completely honest in your preparations
for your mission.  And then after you 
take care of everything... Leave it behind.

The Lord needs a confident, righteous missionary
to do His work.  This comes through complete Repentance
and Obedience.

Then be prepared to receive Joy beyond belief.
It is the greatest freedom and happiness you will ever feel.