Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Casma Cowboys...

There are twelve missionaries serving in the Casma Zone.
They are my cowboys.  They are on the Frontier.
I love to spend time with them.
Zone Leaders are Elder Johnson and Elder Mieles....
 Special Number was VERY special... they wrote an original song...
I am not sure who the composer was... I will find out.

Because this Zone is all Elders....
We can do a few different games.
Today after interviews and training... a little dodge frisbee
Casma Cowboys love the foam frisbees.
They work really hard out in the small areas around Casma....
San Jacinto, Cachipampa and Huarmey.
Casma is a port and has a lot of fishing.
San Jacinto has the sugar cane fields...
Cachipampa has avocado, grapes, and mangos
and Huarmey also has fishing.
The baptismal fonts were all being filled as we were leaving Chimbote.
 We had one pants casualty... but the good news it was a repeat.
These pants had been repaired before.

Here are the sweaty little happy faces of Casma...
Elders Antuña, Vera, Hendrix
 Elders Jensen, Johnson. Sato

Elders Mecham, Mollo, Sancé, Callapa
Elders Martinez, Ordoñez, Mieles, Castillo

I love you all... my Cowboys
Keep up the good work from morning until night.
Cowboys never stop!