Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little More Chicken.... Please!

This is so sweet....
Chimbote Peru Zone made a banner
 with our mission goal on it
and had it hanging up in the cultural hall 
when we arrived this morning.
The whole zone had signed it....
They are diligent!

2013 in 2013!

These are sweet times for the President
as he gets to spend precious
one-on-one time with his missionaries.
We just realized that we only have one more round
of interviews to go.  :(  

These are my favorite photos of missionaries...
They really love to learn and love to improve
their missionary skills.

I am putting a bunch of photos of this Zone 
on the blog today because
I forgot to take a photo of the whole Zone.

Today... was a strange day.
Everything that I have done for almost 3 years left me.
I am not thinking straight.
Thank goodness for the Assistants.
I could tell that they are both a little under the weather as well.
We were all a little frazzled today.
But that doesn't keep us from having a great time...
Look we were celebrating birthdays.

We played a few rounds of Listo Cae for the extra chicken at lunch.

And then ... while we were waiting for the President - (phone)
I started playing some of the fun songs that I have been 
singing with the children on Wednesday afternoons.
I started with "Quién Soy Yo?"
Who am I... and the children have to act out the animal
that they hear in the music...
So the Elders jumped up and were some of the best
animals ever...
During my children's singing class this week
I also told the children that anytime they heard
the music... the "Chicken Dance"  that they had to jump up 
and do the chicken dance moves.
The children loved it... 
Elder Mecham was always with me running the projector
and microphones 
at the children's singing class so ...
When I turned on the chicken dance music
he started to dance and then fly 
around the cultural hall and 
all the Elders followed.

When President Turk came back in and found us 
doing some chicken moves....
 There wasn't a surprised look...
there wasn't a "stop this nonsense" comment....
He just jumped in and finished the dance with us.

He's lived with me too long to be shocked any more.
By the way... He does the Chicken Dance
with his grand children on Skype
So this is a very sentimental song to him.

We will never forget our Chicken Dance in Chimbote.
Thank you Elders in Chimbote Peru Zone
for making me soooo Happy.
I needed it today.