Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three New Ones...

We had three new ones arrive today.
Because of the shortened time schedule in the MTC
these three missionaries were caught in between
sessions and they couldn't be changed.
We are thrilled they are here with us now.

We have Hermana Connors from Houston Texas
Elder Morales from the North of Panama
and Elder Flores is from Lima.

Elder Flores will be trained by Elder Ramos
and they will serve in Chocope in the Casa Grande Zone.

Elder Morales is being trained by Elder Whitelock
and they will will serving in Cambio Puente 
with Elder Wood in a threesome in the Chimbote Zone.

Hermana Connors will be trained by Hermana Pocco
in El Bosque in the Palermo Zone
and they will also serve in a threesome
for a couple of weeks with Hermana Jackson.
Welcome Dear Missionaries...

You are in the right place...
At the right time...
Doing the right thing!

A whole new world is about to open up to you.
Just Trust in the Lord with all your heart...
and He will direct thee for good!

PS -  these members were at the airport greeting one of their friends
returning from his mission.  They came over to see our new
missionaries and say hello.  When I took their picture
they said ... oh good - we hope to see us on your blog!

So here they are ... the guys from Esperanza!