Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No One is Destined to Fail...

It seems to me that every time a new batch of missionaries
arrives in the mission... 
there are always one or two in the group that are 
painfully shy or don't really want to speak publicly.

This was the story of Elder Saldivia, the Elder on the right.
Now he is getting ready to end his mission
and he is one of our great Zone Leaders.
He is a fantastic leader and teacher,
He is as Bold as a Lion.

My missionaries are like the scripture in Proverbs that says…
“The righteous are as bold as Lions”
The Lord will give His righteous servants opportunities to be “Bold as Lions”…
When they speak in His name and as testify of His truth.
(Elder Eyring)

Missionaries know that as they serve and build the kingdom of God,
they are also magnifying the gifts they have received from their
Heavenly Father.
They also know that they can ask for more
gifts as they are righteously seeking them to serve others.
Moroni 10:8-17

But one of the great things that missionaries can do 
is help others discover and develop 
their own gifts from God....
by teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 They look at people not as they are...
but what they can become
through living a Christlike Life.

Each of us has a contribution to make.
¨No one is destined to Fail¨
When our missionaries are teamed up as companionships
they are a force to be reckoned with.
They are combining the best of each other.
They are also learning and gleaning from one another.

Our missions are Gifts...
We are not going to deny the gifts we have been given
but we are going to develop and use 
them in our service to others. 

We spent the day with the Virú Zone ...
Zone Leaders:  Elder Saldivia and Elder Perez
Elders:  Sandoval, Morales, Smith, Cornejo, Oroxom,
Rocha, Calcina, Caro, Dow, Chun, Barrios and Ramirez

They are now back in the small 
farming communities that surround Virú.
Nos Vemos... Les Amo!