Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Temple Worthy....

We have a Branch in the mission called Huamachuco.
They are not a part of a Stake or a District.
They are too far away from either of them.
So the Mission is directly in charge of this Branch.
We have another Branch in Otuzco.
So we have 12 Stakes, 2 Districts and 2 Branches.

We had several members of the Huamachuco Branch 
come in on a bus today... It takes about 5 hours.

They were each interviewed by President Turk
for Temple recommends.

There are two families that are being sealed
and a few going for their endowments and then
a couple for baptisms.
 They were in the offices for a few hours so
our sweet missionaries started to entertain them...
 and feed them and get them a hotel to clean up in.
They were getting on a bus tonight to drive through
the night to Lima to the Temple.
It will take another 12 hours to get to Lima.
 They were all very excited.  
To be sealed together forever has been their dream.
And now.. they are on their way.
 We hope that everything goes smoothly.
This is why we are here...
These moments make me so happy.

Another perfect day in the Trujillo Mission.

~Special Addition~

The Giraldez family sent this photo of the families of Huamachuco
after the sealings.  And we found out that Elder Aquino
who just left our mission this last week was
there in the session with his family.