Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, February 18, 2013

Extras, Extras... read all about them!

One week from today 
18 of our missionaries will be leaving.

 They are some of the best...

And we will be receiving 18 new ones....

And then we heard today that we have 17 more
coming with the 18 new ones on Monday.

35 new ones... We Love IT...
The 17 additional missionaries are waiting for their visas.
They are ultimately heading to Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina.

We are excited...
We don't care if we have them for
one day or one year.
They are our missionaries.

But this gets a little tricky for the board...
There are so many factors that go into placing 
the missionaries.  It is a grand puzzle.
President and the Assistants have pondered, prayed
and followed inspiration
and now the new 17 are on the board with trainers.
We are going to pull out all the extra beds too.

We appreciate all the other Mission Presidents that have
had a few of our missionaries while they have waited 
for their visas.