Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye.... the Trujillo Temple!

Another drive by shooting with the camera
of the Trujillo Temple 
finally coming up over the barricades.

the two cranes are still moving like crazy...

This is the view from the cemetery.
I needed to get up on something
but I can't climb on the statues.

We were with the Central Zone today.
So much fun...

I am not sure what the training was with the Zone Leaders ...
I only saw these photos that 
Elder Castillo took.
It looked pretty interesting...
Zone Leaders:  Elder Levos and Elder Richards
 Hermanas Coronel and Semorile
 Elders Mano and Jimenez
 Elders Randall and Minaya
 Elder Pugmire
 Elder Calderon
 Zone Leaders again.
 Elder Zapana and Elder Cruz
 Elder Mano again and Elder Cruz in the background again...

 Elder King and Elder Nye were in today too.

Every one of these missionaries were interviewed by 
President Turk today.
They are all discussing their personal prayers
and what it means to "Pray Always"
this round of interviews.

There are always some Great Insights
Sweet stories
Thought Provoking Questions
and Great Growth.

Meaningful prayers every single day
are essential for our spiritual growth.

It is so sweet to hear our missionaries say that they 
have stopped praying for their own needs
and are now asking our Heavenly Father what they need
to pray for  and who they need to pray for...

If we follow the example of Enos and we pray and 
work for the salvation of others...
our Faith can become unshakable!