Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Could Write a Book...

We were in training all day with these gentlemen.
Elder Uceda, Elder Pino and Elder Waddell
all of the First Quorum of the Seventy.
This is the SouthAmerican NorthWest Area Presidency.
They are over five countries...
Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, & Venezuela.
Their hands are full!

We have 25 Mission Presidents and spouses
and then of course the office staff and Doctors and Lawyers etc...
These are great people that we get to associate with.

I was just taking random pictures while we were getting ready for the real photographer.

Below are some of our favorites...
the Dorius' and the Bluncks,
We love to get together and compare notes
on anything and everything.

Oh the stories we can tell...
We could really write a best seller 
and here are some of the possible titles...

"Memoirs of a Mission Mom"
"Wait 'til your Mission President Gets Home"
 "Angels and Stinkers"
"Could You Please Repeat that Elder"
"Mystery: Elder Plum in the Mission Home with the Brass Plates"
"Line Upon Line ... Ingrown upon Ingrown"

It is late and these are ridiculous...
If I think about it for a minute
I will get a great one.

But for now.... I will stop!

My Real title would be something about 
"Too Many Blessings To Count"
"Miracles Never Cease"