Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Elder Vera's Birthday

Elder Vera, President Turk's Assistant, had a birthday today.
And guess what he did on his birthday...
He taught people the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and set baptismal dates.
He will look back on this birthday as one of the best ever!
President Turk calls Elder Vera the Quiet Dynamo.
He shows great attention to detail.
And he improves on Everything he does.

President was in the East Zone today for 
District Meetings.
It's Tuesday isn't it?

It's also Elder Martinez' birthday too.
He is in the center in the back.
I hope you got my treat.
Happy Birthday!

President Turk was out in the afternoon with 
Elder Hoyos and Elder Acuña.

The Elders live on the third floor of this house.
It is the room with a view
and a little round feature like on a castle
What do they call these?
President Turk told me it was a turret.
Of course he knows what they are called.
He's a walking encyclopedia.
I would be too if I had any memory...
Hence my lack of the Spanish language.

They taught a lesson to an 82 year old man
that was having some health issues
and many problems in his family.

The Elders were explaining the beautiful principles of the Gospel
and all he could say was
"I pray that what you are telling me is true"
He simply had no happiness left in him at all.
Nothing to look forward too.
He was very downtrodden.
Nobody should ever feel like this.
The Peace and Hope that the Gospel brings
is such a comfort and a blessing.
He is anxious to hear more.
They are heading back to teach him the 
Plan of Happiness!

I pray -  that he prays - to truly find out if it is true.
Oh boy...
Then watch out,
He will live Happily forEver After!