Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, April 6, 2012

Growing Like Weeds...

The grandchildren are growing like weeds.
This phrase is funny.
Our neighbor used to say this to her daughter...
"You are growing like a weed"
because she had to buy her new clothes so often.
The daughter, through the years, thought that her mother
meant that she was growing as ugly as a weed...
not as fast as a weed.

We have to be careful with our words.

So I will say...  they are really growing so fast.  STOP!
Tillman is like a young man now.
He carries on deep conversations with you.
I could talk to him all day.
He is sensitive and very bright.
Penny is not a tiny baby any more
She is crawling!
She has the cutest smile ever.
She makes your heart melt.

Walker is thrilled because he just graduated to a 
front facing car seat.
He can actually see where he is going
and you can tell how happy that makes him.

Griff- a- dee- doo- dah- day....
is a technical wizard.
He can do it all with a remote, an iPhone,
and ipad, a computer
well you name it, he can master it.
He can also tell you the first five Articles of Faith.

And he is rubbing in the fact that he is eating a Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

I laughed when a women told me that she could never 
leave her grandchildren for 3 years.
She said that she loved them too much.

Oh silly woman...
Do you think that I don't love my grandchildren?
This is why I am here on the mission...
It is because I love them so much!

I know that what I am doing is the greatest investment
for their future lives.

We miss them like crazy but we have the best of both worlds.
We wouldn't change a thing!