Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thirty-Four of the Best!

We had a few of our closest friends over for lunch today.
Our Zone Leaders were all in for our Concilio.
Our friends are growing in numbers.
Poor Lucy and Alicia had to feed 36 hungry tigers.
The 36 includes office Elders, Zone Leaders and us.

We have five new Zone Leaders joining us this month.
Elders Saldivia, Gamboa, Frietz, Escobar, and Hurley.

Zone Leaders are in training from 9 to 2
then lunch at the mission home
And today...

We went to play!
A little frisbee dodge ball and some soccer
goes a long way.
It's great for stress release and it prepares them
 for another great month.
They are all doing outstanding work.
Their numbers are flying off the charts!

I think we are really wearing out the Assistants.
They are aways the last to eat,
so while there is a line for food...
they completely crash on the couches.
They have worn holes in their socks and shoes.
Nothing better than wearing out your shoes 
in the service of the Lord.
It is a badge of honor around here.
Zone Leaders keep it up.
You really are the Best!

PS - the frisbees are foam discs they are not the hard plastic kind.
They don't hurt or harm our children.