Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, April 27, 2012

Four Generations ...

Elder Facer popped into the office to pick something up
and we realized that we had four
Financial Secretaries
right here together.
We had to take a photo.

Elder Facer leaves this next week for home which is Idaho.
Elder Brian followed Elder Facer in the Finance chair and now has been 
President's right hand man as personal secretary.
He will be leaving to go out as Zone Leader.

Elder Brian trained Elder Richards to be financial Secretary
and now he is training him to be the Personal Secretary.

Elder Richards looks like he is ready to be the Personal Secretary
I had to put all of these pictures on because
He has a freakishly wide arm span... 
that is why he is such a great swimmer
for BYU 

Elder Richards
is now training Elder Cook.
Elder Cook is our newest Financial Secretary.
We want to welcome him to the office.
Elder Richards gave Elder Cook
all the money 
to run the mission 
for the next year.
Elder Cook was a little confused.
"You are kidding, Right?"

Elder Cook is going to be a great addition to the office.
He is from Spanish Fork and loves to Golf.
And now we hope that he loves to 
balance the budget.

We are so blessed to have such capable Elders throughout the mission.