Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Go President Go...

President Turk
was at District Meetings yesterday
in Casa Grande

It is about an hour drive from here.

The District leaders, Elder Mecham and Elder Araneda
had some well planned training sessions.

They all received the Mission Newsletter that we put out every month.  
It includes a Message from the President,
Important Reminders, Birthdays, Monthly Calendar, Tons of Baptism Photos,
and Spotlights and Highlights... also pictures of those Coming and Going.

 The Zone Leaders out in Casa Grande are
Elders Retamal and Berroterán.
It's interesting to watch the size of the knots in the ties
getting bigger and smaller depending on who
your companion is.

President then stayed after the meetings and headed out to 
teach in the afternoon with 
Hermana Sandstrom and Hermana Herrera.
They had some wonderful teaching experiences...
And baptisms were set for Saturday, Yippy!

The man in the statue behind them is holding a stock of Sugar Cane... 
which is the main industry in Casa Grande.
And actually the land all the way around Casa Grande is owned
by the company called Gloria.
They produce all the milk products also.

Casa Grande Zone includes:

Elders:  Araneda, Balas, Berroterán, Bustinsa, Castro, Fernandez,
 Iler, Mecham, Pesantes, Retamal. Rocha, Vélez  
Hermanas:  Herrera and Sandstrom