Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deja Vu

In September of 2010, President Turk was working
out in Laredo with these missionaries...
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Whiting.

They taught a man named Julio.
The seed was planted but there was no commitment.
These missionaries are long gone
in fact, Elder Whiting is married.

Today President Turk was teaching with 
Elder Spencer and Elder Aguilar
in Laredo...  
They told President Turk that they were going
to visit a man that has been attending very regularly
and should be baptized but it hasn't happened.

They walked up to the door
and President Turk started to have some
major Dej√° Vu.
Julio, the investigator, opened the door
and he remembered President Turk.
They embraced.
The man asked him why he was here.
President replied..
It's time to be baptized Julio.
Julio started to cry
and accepted to be baptized on Saturday.
He was so thankful for the 
little push from President Turk.

They had two more glorious lessons...

The driver of this combi.. . mini van
has been a member in Laredo for just 3 and half months
and  now he is in the young men's Presidency and 
the big transportation man for Church on Sunday.

Laredo is in great hands.  Thank you Elders
for another grand day with the President.

Every day is unique.
Every day is a gift.
Every day is as exciting as you make it.

We have loved Every Single Day of our Mission!