Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book of Mormon Invitation

This weekend is different here in Peru. They are having elections and nobody can gather for meetings or to watch conference. The missionaries are asked to stay in all day on Sunday. President Turk wants to take advantage of this rare gift of personal time.
President Turk has asked his missionaries to read the Book of Mormon together starting Sunday. He has asked them to read from the beginning all the way to Omni tomorrow. Then continue their readings every morning and finish the Book by Christmas.

We want to be like the Stripling Warriors... Obedient with exactness. We love reading about them and all the other great examples in the Book of Mormon.
Our missionaries are great Warriors and they
Love the Lord.
We invite any of you to join us as we start the greatest gift we can give ourself and others...

The Beautiful Doctrine of Jesus Christ