Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Batch... Lucky Thirteen

We picked up our new ones at the airport in the big blue bus
and went straight to the big blue Malibu Hotel.

Next morning bright and early we went to the Temple site.
We had beautiful words from the President
and then a prayer all together.
Our New Missionaries are:
Hermana Oliveros
Elders Sandiford, Morales, Oliveres, Gamboa, 
Sandoval, Sumi, Herrera,
Fuentealba, Potosi, Perez, Velastagui, Calcina

I love them so much
How does this happen?
Thank you Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing.

We had our training in the morning
Lunch at Mission Home
Change meeting in the afternoon and they were off with their trainers.

Only one Hermana in this group
Hermana Oliveros with her new trainer Hermana Palomino

 And here are the rest of our Golden trainers with our new missionaries
We have a couple of North Americans stuck in the states without visas yet.
Elder Wright will be training one that is coming next week.

Our Trainers are (above)
Elders Farnsworth, Huntington, Cayhuan, Llaborde, Whiting, Mennis

and below
Elders Pickett, Mayorga, Astroyauri, Gricius, Puente, Gomez

These Elders are special.
President Turk trusts them with his most precious asset,
his new missionaries.

Thank you Trainers for being so great
and Best of luck with your new companions.