Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trompos - Wooden Tops

Our former bishop in Arizona served a mission in Peru
many moons ago (ha) and loves the little wooden tops
that they make here called trompos.

He has all the neighborhood kids memorize things from
Preach My Gospel
so that they can get these tops.
The kids love them.

Now the bishop is needing some for scout camp and his family reunion
SO we had to go make a deal
out in front of the school with the big trompo dealer.
She found us 250 of the unpainted kind that bishop likes.
We got there right when school was getting out.

Right as President finished the transaction,
eggs started flying every which way.
Some of the splatter got all over his shirt

It is a funny custom to splatter eggs on your head on your birthday
here in Peru
That sounds fun, doesn't it?

I will never tell anyone my birthday,

I have seen some of the new Elder's pictures when members
and pensionistas have egged them.

This is one of the eggs that missed President Turk.
Oh how I would have loved ...

Never mind.