Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Classic Janet Moment...

This is our office building that we go to every day.

We work above the Wong grocery store on the third floor.
You can see the Willy Wonka elevator
and below is our trusty security guard -slash- doorman.

Yesterday as Elder Andersen and Elder Facer and I were
running down these stairs to do a few errands,

I was holding my laptop,  my heavy purse and my camera.

I was busy talking to the Elders behind me.

I have always said these stairs are not deep enough.

Well, you know what is coming...


I tripped and fell down this last flight of stairs...

 and oh brother... things went a flying.

It was really in slow motion for me.
When I felt my foot not move to the next step
but my body was going full force without it,
I knew there was going to be 
blood, guts and no glory when this thing was finished.

The security guard and these Elders were horrified.
They didn't know what to do
or where to even start to 
pick up the pieces.


a sweet thing happened.
As I got to the bottom of the stairs
I should have been weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth
but instead
it was as if I didn't hit anything hard at all.

The Elders grabbed my things as the Security Guard
helped me up.

As these missionaries were trying to describe it to other Elders,
they were speechless.
There were no words for this 
awkward, ungraceful accident that should have done some
major damage.

Let me tell you that this was not my guardian angel coming to the rescue...

This was a herd, (no not a herd -  not a gaggle)
oh yeah, It was a choir of guardian angels
that had no idea where to put their hands but managed to somehow 
slow this big train down.

Muchisimas Gracias Angeles!