Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The World's Largest Mosaic Wall... Now to include Christ!

This is our unbelievable mosaic wall that goes all the way around the University here in Trujillo.

It is the largest mosaic wall in the whole world.
It has been seen in National Geographic, on CNN and in 
other world wide periodicals and programs.

Elder Jones and Elder Andersen contacted this man who is the main artisan on the Mosaic wall.

They taught him about the Book of Mormon
and told him about Christ visiting the Americas.

He was so interested in learning about this history.
The Elders showed him the picture of Christ in the Americas.

He loved it and wants to incorporate this story 
into the mural on the mosaic wall.

The wall is about a mile and a half.
It has about a billion bazillion little tile pieces.
(I don't really know how many)
There are many artists that work on the wall all day long, every day.  It is very tedious work, but spectacular after it is finished.

Elder Jones, Andersen, Facer and I got to place a few tiles on the wall.  We feel a part of history now.

 Here is the story in video.